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About Limpopo

Limpopo and Tuli: authentic Africa in all its glory! 


Limpopo is South Africa’s northernmost province, situated within the great curve of the Limpopo River. It is authentic Africa in all its glory! A region of contrasts, from true bushveld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and mystic cultural destinations. Limpopo is rich in natural beauty, culture and wildlife, including the Big 5. Therefor the game viewing is absolutely fantastic and possibly the best in the country.  It’s also home to the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, one of the country’s eight World Heritage sites.

Tuli, Botswana

The province borders the countries of Zimbabwe to the North, Mozambique to the East and Botswana to the West. Just across the border in Botswana at the Pontdrift borderpost, lies another juwel: Tuli, easily to combine with your Limpopo tour and an unforgettable experience.


The Waterberg district offers up a fantastic experience that combines some of South Africa’s best features. Mountains, Big Five game viewing and exploring a captivating pre-historic past are just some of Waterberg’s attractions. The UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve is the only savannah biosphere reserve in southern Africa and features a mix of rock formations, formed over millions of years, significant San (Bushmen) rock art sites and abundant bushveld plains that support a diverse array of fauna and flora.

Mapungubwe National Park

Mapungubwe National Park is a place that embodies the very soul of this primeval continent, an ancient valley where baobabs proliferate and sandstone outcrops preside over a landscape that resounds with heart-breaking beauty. Here you can stand on a ridge overlooking the confluence of two mighty rivers where three southern African countries converge, explore the green verges of Kipling’s greasy Limpopo and revel in the wonder of jaundiced fever trees, wrinkled elephants and dainty bushbuck, surrounded by a dazzling array of insect and avian life.


Magoebaskloof is a beautiful mountainous area in the Limpopo Province at the very North Eastern tip of the Drakensberg mountain range. Fondly called “The Land of the Silver Mist” by historians and locals alike, the mountains and valleys of the area are regularly shrouded in a soft mist. This mist belt has resulted in the lush afro-montane forests that make the area a welcome green oasis in the Limpopo bushveld.

Modjadji Cycad Reserve

Cycad Modjadji village has been ruled by a series of Rain Queens since the 16th century, the only matriarchal tribe in southern Africa.The Modjadji Cycad Reserve is set in the foothills of blue-green mountains above the village of Modjadji, near Tzaneen. The Modjadji Cycad Reserve is home to the biggest concentration of the rare endemic cycad, Encephalartos transvenosus, in the world. The Modjadji Cycad Reserve is also part of the realm of the legendary Rain Queen.

Kruger National Park

Where nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights – this is real Africa.The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa. Established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, this national park of nearly 2 million hectares, Kruger National Park is unrivalled in the diversity of its life forms and a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies.

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Hand-picked lodges

I have visited each Pearl personally and selected them on the basis of quality of location, accommodation, service and choice of activities.

8 year of experience

Over the last 8 years I worked for Kololo Game Reserve and travelled the area intensely and got to know the province very well. Before that I lived and worked in South Africa for 4 years.

Kololo partner

As a partner in Kololo Game Reserve I have learned a lot about the lodge and travel business. I know many people in the business and saw South Africa and Botswana from many perspectives.


I think Limpopo is a wonderful province with many interesting things to see and to experience. Tuli in Bostwana is really something else. That is why I developed this program to share all this with you.

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Let me help you to get the most out of your trip to our five lodges in Limpopo and the one in Botswana.