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Lodges in Limpopo

Take a look at the best lodges of Limpopo and what they have to offer. Select your type of accommodation and see what activities you want to do. Don’t forget to look at the tours that offer a complete program of all lodges!

De beste lodges in Limpopo

Elk van onze 4-sterren lodges is bijzonder en biedt een nieuw avontuur. Een geweldige keuze aan activiteiten en fantastische service, keuken en blije mensen. Klik op de kaart voor een grotere versie om de locaties van onze lodges te zien en plan de “trip van uw leven”.

Wat onze gasten over ons zeggen

Lees hier wat andere mensen over ons zeggen.

Extraordinary great journey, couldn’t have been better!

We would like to give you, Frits, a raving review on your involvement and your extraordinary adequate and friendly guidance in the preparation of our Pearls of Limpopo journey to South Africa.. We have had a fantastic journey with very friendly people and beautiful lodges. The trip had a super sequence of build-up and variety. And we saw so much game! Then the cultural encounters with the people in and around Elim, the spectacular surprises in Tuli, Botswana and the great enthusiasm from a reserach point of view during a game drive and walk in the bush. Finally we could wind down and thoroughly enjoy a relaxed stay at Kololo that was beyond our expectations, particularly thanks to the wonderfully enthusiastic game drives with ranger Vincent.


What a amazing part of South Africa the province of Limpopo is. Fabulous.


Every day something new

We have made a great tour through South Africa, thanks to My Travel Pearls/Pearls of Limpopo. They have listened well and understood perfectly what we felt is important in country tours. It resulted in us staying in spectacular places. Everything was well taken care of, the welcome was warm and hospitable everywhere. We will definitely go back to this beuatiful country and will surely make use of My Travel Pearls/Pearls of Limpopo again.



Fantastic journey

We have had a fantastic journey with many highlights and experiences that we will not soon forget. Everything was very relaxed and well organised.